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Morettino, the first native sicilian coffee, at Sigep 2022

Morettino, the first native sicilian coffee, at Sigep 2022

The native Sicilian coffee protagonist at Sigep 2022, the convention in Rimini dedicated to coffee and patisserie. Morettino, the historical coffee roastery from Palermo that recently made the headlines all over the world thanks to the news about the first native Sicilian coffee entirely cultivated and processed on the island, will be at the convention in Rimini from March 12th to the 16th, with a green space dedicated to nature and sustainability (Pavilion A1/ Stand 006).

The roastery from Palermo will bring to Rimini the history of its land with a sensory experience that starts from coffee, a timeless symbol of the meeting of different identities and cultures, expressed in all its aspects, from Espresso to Filter, as a blend or single origins, passing through the contaminations with mixology and vegan milk art.

Morettino will be at Sigep with the “Morettino Coffee Lab”, a project that suggests a small cultural revolution in coffee consumption, more conscious and respectful of the raw material. In fact, the Morettino Coffee Lab was created to spread the authentic coffee culture, telling the detailed story of its origins, and giving the Barista a key role for the preparation and consumption experience to the final client. The goal is to add value to a product that in Italy, especially in the South, doesn’t receive the attention and care it deserves, promoting the entire supply chain.

With this project, the Morettino Coffee Specialists are on the front line during the recovery side-by-side with the businesses of this sector, from coffee shops to hospitality, and support new start-ups through sectorial projects that interpret the evolutions, trends and new consumption habits to be able to innovate and stimulate the market and supply, during an extremely difficult moment.

The raw material is the focus, then rediscovering the ritual of breakfast at the bar, of the pleasure of dinner at a restaurant or staying at a hotel, thanks to new approaches that intrigue and involve the client, such as storytelling, food pairings during the different moments of the day and new frontiers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixology with the introduction of dedicated coffee menus.

Therefore, using the 100-year-old Morettino tradition, its vision and its ability to reinvent itself over time to provide a new conscious and experience-based approach to world of Coffee shops and hospitality in the name of quality.


At Sigep, Morettino will present a preview of the three new Specialty Coffees by the Coffee Lab project: two Arabica single origins and a Fine Robusta, a real treat for Specialty coffee lovers.

The Rwanda Twongerekawa Coko Women Coffee (Sca Score 86,25) is the result of a project created to promote the role of women in the eastern African country. The co-op that produces this 100% Arabica is led by a woman president and formed by 134 producers, 96 of which are women. The female cultivators receive an education on the best agricultural practices and on the coffee processing techniques, with the goal of creating a return in terms of development, which also translates into the improvement of the living conditions of the territory where the women live. It’s a Specialty Coffee with an aroma of dry fruit and coconut, a balanced flavor with notes of pineapple and candied fruit.

The other Specialty Coffee is Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere (Sca Score 85), an Arabica single origin with a complex acidity, fruity and floral notes, pleasantly sweet with notes that recall citrus and black tea with a persistent spicy aftertaste. It comes from Kochere, a small village in southern Ethiopia, where the climate conditions are ideal for cultivating high-quality coffees. About 750 families of small producers cultivate coffee without fertilizers, the coffee is handpicked selecting only the best ripe drupes and is processed with a natural method.

Finally, a unique coffee: the Nicaragua Finca Jorge Lagos, a Fine Robusta awarded with 80 points by Sca. It’s a refined Robusta single origin that comes from a small co-op located in the north-west of the country, in the vicinity of the city of El Diamante de las Segovias. The Fine Robusta represents an excellency in the world of Coffea Canephora and is part of a movement that promotes this variety.



Every day, in the Morettino green space you can have different consumption experiences: as Espresso you can taste the Morettino premium blends awarded with Gold Medals at the International Coffee Tasting and the organic blends of the Pure Organic Coffee line; as Slow Coffee the Specialty Coffees and the mountain Arabica single origins prepared with the filter system Chemex, Pour over and French Press. As well as Moka, used for tastings of some selections of blends from the ancient Sicilian tradition.

Every afternoon starting at 4pm Coffee Mixology will begin, with alcoholic and non-alcoholic Moka based drinks, created by the Morettino coffee Sommelier Nicola Battista. A way to unite Sicilian tradition with international innovation.

Monday March 14th at 3pm and Wednesday March 16th at 11:30am, the Vegan Milk Art will be showcased with the collaboration of Matteo Beluffi, Italian champion, and finalist at the Milk Art world championship, who will use vegan milk to create decorated cappuccinos.

Meeting at Sigep The Dolce World Expo / Pavilion A1 - Stand 6

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