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EQ Espresso Machine

Morettino EQ espresso is the integrated Espresso pod system, designed and patented by Morettino, which combines craftsmanship and innovation in a square-shaped pod, a mixture of ancient knowledge and flavors of the coffee world. EQ is an Espresso system designed to bring the daily "Coffee Experience" to the highest level, through the union of three components capable of enhancing the aroma, taste and creaminess of Espresso:

  • An Espresso machine, completely Made in Italy, which guarantees a coffee like the one of a cafè, thanks to the extraction system designed on the model of professional Espresso machines;
  • A squared pod that contains the aromas and flavors of the best coffee origins, roasted in an artisanal way and ground at the moment;
  • An exclusive collection of single origins and blends of carefully selected coffees, slowly roasted according to the ancient Morettino tradition

Not simple Espresso coffee machines, but true style icons, created by Sicilian designers and made by skilled artisan hands in Italy, to create a perfect and creamy Espresso like the one that you would drink in a cafè.

The EQ Espresso system, created in collaboration with the famous Italian food designer Paolo Barichella, was awarded the "Honorable Mention of the Compasso d'Oro" by ADI, the main industrial design award in Italy, and the “GrandesignEtico International Award”, the prize that the Plana Cultural Association assigns to the innovative products of those companies that are committed to ethical contexts.

EQ Espresso is designed to minimize the impact on the environment. The distinctive Morettino roasting with clean hot air eliminates CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and enhances the organoleptic properties of the coffee, avoiding contact between the bean and the volatile substances generated by roasting, thus creating a good and healthy coffee.

The automatic shutdown system of the machines reduces the consumption of electricity.

The packaging is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable: the squared pod in food filter paper is biodegradable and disposable in organic waste, while the aluminum-free wrapping can be recycled directly into the plastic.

Live the "Morettino Coffee Experience"

With the EQ Espresso pods - available in blends and single origins - you can choose your favorite flavor and prepare in just a few seconds a good and creamy espresso like that one of a cafè. You will be able to choose between five fine blends and three exclusive single origins, based on the time of day.

An espresso by Morettino, your favourite Sicilian artisan coffee.