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Morettino Challenge, MUV's sustainable mobility challenge for real coffee lovers

Morettino Challenge, MUV's sustainable mobility challenge for real coffee lovers

MUV chooses Morettino as the official partner of the first sustainable mobility challenge of 2022 organized by technology startup MUV B Corp. The aroma of coffee from our historic roastery will accompany the Morettino Challenge - for real coffee lovers. Players, from January 17th to February 28th, will challenge each other from all over the world simply by walking, cycling or scootering and tracking their movements through the MUV app. Morettino gift cards and discount codes will be up for grabs.


Morettino and MUV, a partnership based on shared values.

Authentic values, sustainable innovation, attention to the environment and health have led MUV to identify Morettino as the perfect partner for the first challenge in 2022.


How the Morettino Challenge works.

It's very simple: just download the MUV app and sign up for the challenge for free. The Morettino Challenge is open to everyone. The rule is only one: move on foot, by bicycle or scooter. You select the sustainable mode of travel and record your journey. As you move, the MUV algorithm assigns points. The safer and more sustainable the journey, the more points you will earn. Bonus points are awarded if there is traffic, if the weather is hostile and if the journey is routine.


Morettino rewards players who demonstrate more sustainable habits.

MUVers travel sustainable kilometres and save tons of CO2, making a concrete contribution to the fight against climate change. MUV and Morettino reward the 50 most virtuous players. For the first 10 players, Morettino is offering a 20 euro discount code as a prize, while those ranked between the 11th and 50th will receive a 20% coupon to spend on our e-shop.


Playing with MUV, deciding to leave the car at home and move in a conscious and sustainable way is the most effective, economical and involving way to fight global warming, reduce energy consumption, improving our well-being and that of our cities. And in return, a good 100% Italian coffee!


To register for the Morettino challenge, click from your smartphone:


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