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Morettino for "Pupi siciliani",

our initiative to save the "Opera dei Pupi"

Help us save the “Opera dei Pupi siciliani” (Sicilian marionettes), one of the symbols of our culture that risks disappearing due to the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 emergency.

The cancellation of the shows, the impossibility for scheduling new programming and the fixed expenses in the absence of tourists and school trips, risk permanently closing the businesses of the Sicilian puppeteers. The consequences would be that a vast cultural heritage, and an inheritance passed on from generation to generation, could disappear. With it, an important part of Sicilian history as well.

For this reason, we are launching the initiative “Morettino per i Pupi siciliani”, in collaboration with the marionette Museum Antonio Pasqualino and the Italian Network of the Opera dei Pupi, that connects the families of Sicilian puppeteers. With the purchase of one of the limited edition coffees “Sicily Boutique Coffee – I Pupi siciliani” you can help us raise the funds that are necessary to digitalize the cultural heritage preserved by the puppeteer associations and by the marionette Museum in Palermo.

Sicily Boutique Coffee Limited Edition