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Coffee Mixology, two coffee cocktails for the New Year's Eve

Coffee Mixology, two coffee cocktails for the New Year's Eve

To greet the old year and celebrate the new one, a toast is a must.

For the occasion, we have created two special coffee-based cocktails, a different way to toast 2022 than with the usual bubbles. A pleasant, original and sophisticated alternative idea that will also give a touch of cheerfulness to New Year's Eve.

Always more often, Mixology has increasingly the aroma of coffee, which in recent years has become one of the great protagonists of alcoholic mixing, combined with liqueurs and spirits, creating new interesting cocktails.

The two recipes here proposed were created by Nicola Battista, Morettino Coffee Sommelier and Trainer of Coffee Mixology who, thanks to his mastery of the raw material, was able to wisely use and dose all the ingredients, giving life to two mixes with texture, structure and a balanced taste.

Easy to prepare at home with just a few ingredients, able to perfectly enhance the taste and aroma of coffee, these cocktails will be a great way to end your New Year's dinner and prepare for the celebrations.

Sant’Espresso Morettino 


Whiskey Borboun - 4.5 cl

Cherry liqueur - 1.5 cl

1 cup of Espresso prepared with Morettino Ethiopia Espresso al Quadrato pod - 3cl

Sugar syrup - 2 cl

Lemon juice - 2 cl

Cocoa powder for garnish

Procedure: Put the ice and all the ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously for 10-20 seconds (Shake & Strain Technique). Pour into a tumbler glass and serve decorated with cocoa powder.

Morettino in Moka (1-2 cups) 


Gin – 1 cl

liqueur wine – 1.5 cl

Cedrata (cedar drink)

Organic blend 100% Arabica Morettino "Terrae"

Lemon zest for garnish

The procedure is that of the classic preparation of coffee in a moka, but instead of mineral water, gin, liqueur wine and cedar drink are poured into the base of the coffee maker.

Preparation: pour into the base of the Moka gin, liqueur wine, cedar drink at the top (up to under the valve). Fill the Moka filter with Morettino 100% Arabica Bio “Terrae” ground coffee. Stove as usual and wait for the coffee to come out and turn off the flame as soon as it reaches the middle of the boiler. Wait for the coffee to be completely extracted and serve in a Martini glass decorated with lemon zest.