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Book pairing: types of coffee combined with classics of literature

Book pairing: types of coffee combined with classics of literature

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to allow the right time for yourself. Relax, listen to music, see some movies and rediscover the pleasure of reading, perhaps sipping a good cup of coffee.

But what coffee to drink while reading a classic of Italian literature or an overseas novel? We had fun combining various types of blends and single origins with the classics of literature.

The perfect Espresso and the classics of Italian literature

Mediterranea - "The Viceroys" by Federico De Roberto
A strong blend, with a typically Sicilian flavor, combined with the novel by De Roberto which tells the story of the noble Sicilian family of the Uzeda on the background of the unification of Italy.

Riserva 100% Arabica - "The conscience of Zeno" by Italo Svevo
A blend of pure Arabica beans with elegant floral and caramel notes, combined with the story of Zeno Cosini, a rich man from Trieste who to free himself from the habit of smoking undergoes a psychoanalytic treatment which consists in writing down his life.

Coffee Lab Blend # 87 - “Pinocchio. Story of a puppet ” by Carlo Collodi
Did you know that the first edition of Collodi's novel contains a dark nature, with a different ending from the one we all know? To this gem of literature we combine the latest from the Coffee Lab blends: # 87, with notes of honey and a spicy finish, just like that of the novel.

The ritual of the Moka and the novels about the family

Coffee Lab Blend # 84 - "The house of spirits" by Isabelle Allende
A selection of the best organic crops from South America to accompany the famous Trueba family saga. A surprising family to say the least.

Cremaroma - "Family Lexicon" by Natalia Ginzburg
Refined blend for a coffee with an aroma of flowers and chocolate, perfect to accompany Ginzburg's novel on the history of a Jewish and anti-fascist family in Turin between the thirties and fifties of the twentieth century.

Filter coffee and American literature

Filter Blend Bio - "The Young Holden" by J.D. Salinger
Blend of pure Arabica of fine Latin American origins to be prepared with an American coffee machine, combined with Salinger's famous Bildungsroman, an absolute cult.

Nicaragua Finca Los Pedernales - "The Great Gatsby" by Francis Scott Fitzgerald
Intriguing single origin of pure offshore Arabica, perfect for letting yourself be overwhelmed by the frenzy of the jazz age in which the events of the young Nick Carraway take place.

Now, you just have to get comfortable and enjoy an immersion in fantastic worlds and flavors of distant lands.