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A very long story of passion for coffee.


Angelo Morettino’s passion for coffee began in 1920 in the family’s spice shop located in the historic district San Lorenzo ai Colli in Palermo..


FSince then our love for coffee has guided us in the pursuit of excellence, without compromising the quality and respecting the secrets of a slow and artisanal production process. Our passion is deeply rooted in our family’s past, enriched by historic, cultural and social significance, which have always been essential to spread the authentic culture of quality coffee in Sicily..

Angelo’s passion for the product and vocation for quality, led him to use his family name as the brand for all of the blends he carefully created. This is how “Caffè Morettino” started..


Since then Morettino’s distinguishing elements were the careful selection of the raw materials, the slow and artisanal production process and the art of blending the world’s finest coffee beans. The brand had a significant impact on the market and the quality of the Morettino selections became a reference point for Palermo’s middle class and in the city’s first historic cafés.


The founder Angelo Morettino decided to update his own family’s company management model, and gradually involved his three sons Arturo, Alberto and Alessandro by assigning to each the responsibility of managing the company’s three strategic areas: marketing, production and administration.


Caffè Morettino had a driven and sustainable growth, and consistently focused on the quality of the products. In the 90’s the company was moved to the current production site, an important change that allowed it to become a modern industrial reality while maintaining its distinguishing characteristic of the slow and artisanal production process, and achieving the company’s vision of respecting the product, the consumer and the environment.

The most significant choices were the location of the new production facility, a 10.000 square meter piece of land developed maintaining a balance with nature and a few blocks away from the family’s historic roasting facility in the San Lorenzo ai Colli district, the introduction of an ecologic roasting machine that uses warm clean air and an integrated quality control system for the production processes.


Morettino follows its mission to maintain overall quality and environmental sustainability, continuously adapting to the evolution of the consumer needs by implementing cutting edge production technology. It was able to create an internal Quality laboratory with state of the art instruments that enabled significant Research & Development processes, guaranteeing a constant improvement of the quality standards.

The main goals of the third generation Morettino family members have been to spread the unique know-how developed over the years and the authentic coffee culture, which have been achieved by creating at the core of the company an education and specialized training center “Morettino School of Coffee”, and the grand opening of the exclusive “Coffee Museum”, an authentic family treasure chest that features over 1000 ancient coffee manufacturing instruments from all over the world.


In the past few years the fourth generation Morettino has become part of the company and has gradually began to implement an internationalization strategy, founded on the desire to spread the authentic culture of quality Espresso coffee on a global scale, thanks to a well rounded experience in the coffee world: this process started the “Morettino Coffee Experience”.

Today Caffè Morettino aims to follow the company mission by highlighting their own distinctive values, such as quality of their products, the artisanal manufacturing process and the importance of ethics and environmental sustainability.

Morettino has always believed that innovations must be bounded on tradition: the pursuit of prestigious international recognitions, such as the numerous Gold Medals received at the International Coffee Tasting, the Quality Award 2015 and the recent nomination for the Compasso d’Oro 2016 award, places Morettino among the most relevant excellence enterprises on an international level.