MORETTINO, since 1920.

Morettino is an authentic love story for coffee that began in 1920 in Palermo, at the center of the Mediterranean. For the past four generations it has created an artisanal coffee of excellence, according to tradition and an ethical and sustainable vision of the coffee supply chain.

For more than a hundred years we have been producing a slow-working artisanal coffee, in a way that respects the coffee, the consumer and the environment.

Our Values

We Love Coffee – Morettino selections are created through careful care and direct selection of the best coffees in the world, which takes place directly on plantation in tropical countries. The slow and ecological roasting and the skilful seasoning phase enhance the organoleptic characteristics typical of each terroir and give life to coffee with unique aromas. For about 30 years the Morettino family has been carrying out the experimental project of growing coffee plants in Sicily, a dream that gave birth to the first native Sicilian coffee.

We Love NatureThe respect for nature guides us during every moment of coffee production, from the plantation to the cup. We carefully select the best harvests directly from the warm countries of origin, through the collaboration with the small producers. Our production is ethical and respectful, according to slow and sustainable processes, which guarantee the wholesomeness of our selections. The artisanal and eco-sustainable processing is based on an integral control of the production chain with science and conscience, with the aim of enhancing quality, health and ethics of zero-impact manufacturing processes and their products.

We Love CultureSpreading the authentic culture of coffee, handing down its traditions and rituals, is one of our main objectives. A value that we have always carried out, through cultural projects such as that of the Coffee Museum Factory and educational projects such as the Coffee School, which aim to increase consumer awareness, taking them by the hand and guiding them to discover the fascinating world of coffee.

We Love SicilyWe love our land and we spread the ancient traditions by passing on the knowledge of artisanal craftsmanship. Sicily has always been a land of unique expression of flavors, colors and aromas like our coffee blends, a symbol of the union of people and cultures from the world. For years we have been actively committed to the development of our land, through the collaboration with important cultural realities of the island, such as the Teatro Massimo and the Museo delle marionette Antonio Pasqualino in Palermo.