Coffee Museum

Discover the route to the Morettino Museum Factory

The Morettino Coffee Museum is the first of its kind in Italy, and it’s the expression of the love that the Morettino family has for the product, its history and its culture.

Not just a museum, but an integrated path where every corner of the Morettino factory tells an aspect of the fascinating world of coffee. The museum includes the entire roasting.

The Museum of Caffè Morettino is a large private collection that collects in a large museum space located in the heart of the company, more than 1000 coffee processing tools from all over the world and dating back to different times.

A precious family casket, in which Arturo Morettino have infused all their passion for coffee searching and collecting objects of great historical and cultural value, evidence of peoples, epochs and customs.

A complete and interesting journey that tells the evolution of the methods of preparation and extraction of this fascinating drink throughout history, which you can visit by appointment in organized groups.

Visits to the Morettino Museum take place only by appointment.