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Welcome to Morettino. Discover our Values.

Morettino is an artisanal coffee made according to our natural vocation to quality, in full respect of the product, the consumer and the environment.


We lofe coffee and its world


We love Nature and natural coffee


We love and spread the culture of coffee


We are in love with our land


Morettino is a slow-roasted artisanal coffee created according to the ancient Sicilian tradition. Thanks to a careful selection of the world’s most refined coffees, a smart aging process and a slow and ecological roasting, we create coffee blends with a unique aroma.


The respect for nature guides us during every moment of coffee production, from the plantation to the cup. We carefully select the best harvests directly from the warm countries of origin, through the collaboration with the small producers. Our production is ethical and respectful, according to slow and sustainable processes, which guarantee the wholesomeness of our selections.


Spreading coffee culture is in our soul: the Coffee Muse constantly inspires us to spread the authentic coffee culture and its deep historical, social and cultural meanings. The historical plant museum and Coffee School, represent a place for meetings, education and spreading all the secrets of the world of quality coffee. 


We love our land and we spread the ancient traditions by passing on the knowledge of artisanal craftsmanship. Sicily has always been a land of unique expression of flavors, colors and aromas like our coffee blends, a symbol of the union of people and cultures from the world.