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Welcome to Morettino. Discover our Values.

Morettino is an artisanal coffee made according to our natural vocation to quality, in full respect of the product, the consumer and the environment.


We lofe coffee and its world


We love Nature and natural coffee


We love and spread the culture of coffee


We are in love with our land


Morettino is an authentic story of love for coffee that began in the 1920’s in Sicily, in the heart of Mediterranean. For the past four generations we have been creating an excellent artisanal coffee: we spread its culture and its traditions by pursuing our natural passion for outstanding quality.


Our artisanal and environmentally friendly production process is based on a full control of the entire coffee supply chain. We love to use science and consciousness to enhance quality, healthiness and ethics of our process and our products. Through our own distinctive slow and ecological roasting process with pure hot air, and a scientific monitoring technique of the coffee molecular kinetics, we ensure the natural coffee organoleptic profile.


Spreading the coffee culture is in our soul: the Coffee Muse daily inspires us to spread the authentic quality coffee culture, and of its historical, social and cultural meanings. The exclusive Morettino Coffee Museum and our Morettino School of Coffee are a meeting point for spreading and teaching all of the secrets from the coffee world to all Coffee Lovers.