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Morettino School of Coffee

"Who loves shares. The love for coffee and the desire to share its history, aromas and flavor is at the origin of the School of Caffè Morettino, aware that only the knowledge of the world of coffee can increase the desire and stimulate the taste and pleasure. There’s no taste without knowledge. "

Since 1980 Arturo Morettino has communicated these values with seminars, tastings narrated, experiential paths and guided tours in the company. In the 90s, with the creation of the current coffee factory, located in the historic hamlet of San Lorenzo ai Colli in Palermo, the School of Caffè Morettino was born, a permanent training point in which to teach, communicate and share the joy of coffee.

The Morettino School of Coffee has over time created a training path at different levels; from the basic and cognitive one designed for all coffee lovers, to those addressed to professional operators. This experiential journey is enriched with the observation of the entire production chain through a multisensory catwalk in the heart of production and a visit to the exclusive Morettino Coffee Museum, authentic family chest that contains more than a thousand ancient objects from all over the world.