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The Quality Lab is our internal research and development laboratory, the real heart of the company, the place everything happens and the magic begins.

The search for quality, based on a long family tradition, is the soul of the Morettino Quality Lab. A physical and virtual place where all our passions, ideas, knowledge and desires take shape and, in a mix that we like to define alchemical, become products. Our products, prestigious coffee declined in purity or blend and created from the values handed down among the generations of the Morettino family..

From a family history to a contemporary reality, animated by a global vision of the world of coffee. The Quality Lab is today the true core of the company, a research and experience laboratory, dedicated to the discovery of new insights and strongly committed to the search for absolute quality through curiosity, discipline, openness to any experience that can give new impulses to the world of coffee.

But the real treasure of the Quality Lab are the people who animate it. Women and men who deeply love coffee and with their daily work, experience, creativity and a common vision manage to infuse the product with something that is not palpable or easily definable but that we love to define heart.

The Quality Lab is also the place where we like to experiment with new possibilities and horizons. Such as the experimentation of methodologies and blends and origins more suited to the most diverse extraction methods, field research of new origins from emerging countries, with a particular focus on environmental, ethical and sustainability issues. Finally, another important activity is the definition, design and implementation at product and operational level, of large-scale projects such as the Morettino Coffee Boutique and the Morettino Coffee Lab, our innovative concept of contemporary coffee where we wanted to look at the world of coffee in a global way through the lens of our founding values.