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Solubile / Instant Coffee

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  1. Barley Coffee Organic Morettino Instant / 3.53 oz
    Barley Coffee Organic Morettino Instant / 3.53 oz
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  2. Intenso Instant Organic Coffee 100% Arabica / 3.53oz
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Soluble / Instant Coffee

The Intenso - Instant Organic Espresso and Orzo Caffè are born from a selection of fine organic farming origins. The Instant Coffee line is created by Morettino to enrich quick daily coffee breaks with flavor, without giving up the classic taste of your favorite coffee.

Morettino, attentive to consumer health and environmental protection for a hundred years, is the first roaster in Italy to produce organic soluble coffee.

The Morettino soluble line uses only raw materials from organic farming, produced in compliance with the farming communities of the countries of origin.

Intense and Orzo Caffè can be prepared in a simple and quick way, they are ideal for those moments of the day when time is short but you don't want to give up the unique taste of Morettino blends.

The instant coffee selections are also perfect for the preparation of desserts, such as tiramisu, creams and coffee puddings.

Intense - Instant Organic Espresso is a blend of pure 100% Arabica coffee, Italian roasted and freshly ground, for a strong and full-bodied taste. Ideal for a quick and tasty coffee break and for the preparation of sweets and creams.

Orzo Caffè is a natural drink that satisfies the desire for coffee, with a low caffeine content. The selection of raw materials from the organic supply chain contributes to the health of consumers and of the environment.