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Morettino Coffee Lab: a new micro roastery by Morettino, a project for pursuing a cultural revolution in the approach to coffee and to inspire a more knowledgeable and respectful coffee consumption.

With Morettino Coffee Lab a new journey starts towards the origins of coffee, with the goal of discovering the unique territories they come from, experimenting new artisanal roasting profiles and exploring interesting tasting experiences, always taking the time to savor the moment. 

The Morettino micro roastery laboratory, roasts small lots of the best mountain coffees with an innovative ecological process with clean warm air and designed in Italy, creating special single origin or blend coffees based on the availability of the seasonal harvests, produced on-demand and served fresh.

We believe that innovation can set its roots in tradition. Drinking a coffee must become a ritual again, an authentic multi-sensory experience that is able to stop time and can lead to discovering new horizons while going beyond the traditional consumption habits. 

With the Morettino Coffee Lab we want to involve, inform and excite the consumer by giving him a key role while drinking the coffee. Eeach Coffee Lover can choose the type of coffee (from the single origin Arabicas to blends, harmonious compositions of multiple origins) as well as the preferred preparation (from the traditional Moka to Espresso, symbol of Made in Italy worldwide, to the more engaging Filter tastings). A knowledgeable choice that will lead us to discover new coffee horizons, based on the desired sensory characteristics, or moments for drinking coffee at home or at the project’s partner coffee shops. 

The single origins are the result of a careful selection of seasonal harvests, which is done directly in the plantations. Only pure Mountain Arabica from the best tropical regions, produce special coffees that feature great aromaticity. The Coffee Lab blends are the result of a long research and experimentation process that has led us to creating numbered labels (#0, #29, #60, #84, #100), indicating the number of experiments conducted or the distinctive features that the perfect blend contains. 

With the different roasting profiles (darker for Espresso or Moka and softer for filter brewing) it will be possible to explore many new alternative brewing systems such as Chemex, Pour Over V60, French Press or Cold Brew, able to brew clean and aromatic coffees, a similar tasting experience of infusions or teas. 

Discover Morettino Coffee Lab's Blends and Single Origins and the ideal brewing systems to prepare them


Morettino Coffee Lab becomes an evolved concept of the coffee shop, created for those who want to combine the value of an artisanal production process to an innovative vision of the way of interpreting and drinking coffee. A more global interpretation of the new demands and consumption trends of coffee, a constantly evolving sector as demonstrated by the effects of the third wave, which marked a turning point for all coffee lovers worldwide, for the following coffee waves and for the growing interest on this drink.

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